In 2018 J M Ramirez-Suassi’s self-published One-Eyed Ulysses came out of nowhere but soon attracted the attention of photobook lovers and sold out within a few months.

His new book will, I suspect, confirm that earlier indication of his talent and vision. This time his subject matter is Fordlandia, Henry Ford's attempt to colonise the Amazon jungle for profit and transform it into a fantasy of the American Mid West; as the photographer describes it “a perfect failure of the American Way of Life”. There is no clear narrative in the book, just intriguing images of the relics of Fordlandia written in the landscape and today’s inhabitants: “globetrotters, beggars, preachers, drunken aborigines, ruined foremen, minor politicians, lumberjacks, monks, soldiers, melancholic prostitutes.” We have signed copies of this edition, limited to 350 copies. See Robin Titchener’s blog for a review and sample images.