It was sad to hear of the recent death of Gunnar Smoliansky, surely one of the greatest ever Swedish photographers. Taught initially by Christer Stromholm, Smoliansky travelled much less than other Swedish photographers such as Anders Petersen and perhaps didn't receive the same international recognition. Smoliansky was more than happy to spend most of his time in Stockholm and that is where much of his photographic work was made.  He was a keen observer of the streets he made his way through and was always more concerned for the subtle details than for dramatic moments. His influence is perhaps most obvious in the work of his friend Gerry Johansson and it is fitting that one of Smoliansky's most recent books, Diary, was edited and published by Johansson. It is a modest volume in design but repeated viewing brings out its subtle delights. We have a couple of signed copies, as we do of Signs and Traces, a limited edition from Only Photography. We also have unsigned copies of Smoliansky's Trad - a large-format book of photographs of trees and of Trivia, which features Smoliansky and Johansson's photographs together.

A recent interview with Gunnar Smoliansky