Thought you might be interested in a communication from published photographer John Darwell who gave a talk at the Redeye event in Manchester last weekend on what makes a good photo book.

John summarises his understanding as follows:

"A great photography book is an emotional journey of discovery for both photographer and reader, each coming away having learned something more about themselves. 

The four books I talked about were very specifically about using images/books as a coherent whole rather than purely images plonked on pages so that the book becomes an experience in its own right.”  John’s four choices were:

Robert Frank The Americans 1958

Ralph Gibson Deja-Vu  1981

Chris Killip In Flagrante 1988

Alec Soth Niagara 2008

Unfortunately all are currently out-of-print though Steidl appear to be planning to reprint The Americans soon.  We also have remaindered copies of Looking In which explores the genesis and significance of Frank’s classic work.

In a future blog, I am going to be interviewing Aron Morel of the independent publisher Morel Books who publishes works by Boris Mikhailov and Terry Richardson among others and the forthcoming Heaven is Real by Corinne Day.  If anyone would like me to put a particular question to Aron, please let me know by Sunday 18 March.

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