Michael Kenna has been photographing in Korea frequently since 2005. He has formed a close relationship with Gallery K.O.N.G in Seoul and has exhibited there several times. Their latest collaboration, Korea Part 1, runs there till 28 April.  Having previously published two volumes of Kenna’s photography (Tranquil Morning and The Philosopher’s Tree, both sadly out of print), they have just published a new collection in a limited edition of only 500 copies.  It includes Kenna’s celebrated studies of pine tree clusters, a series of watchtowers, coastal landscapes and industrial structures. The most recent work is from 2018.

All the photographs are of South Korea or the Demilitarized Zone.  In his introduction, Kenna expresses the hope that Korea Part 2, when it comes, will include images from North Korea – he has been waiting patiently for an official invitation but there’s been no reply so far.

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