Next month, Superlabo will be publishing Daido Moriyama's Okinawa in a limited edition of 500.  All the images were taken in 1974 when Moriyama visited Okinawa with Shomei Tomatsu, Eikoh Hosoe, Masahisa Fukase and Nobuyoshi Araki for a photo workshop. The book contains about 100 images selected by Moriyama himself from 2000 images which he took during this visit.  Most of the images are unpublished.

We have been told we will receive one signed copy out of every three we order.  We have decided the fairest thing to do would be to have a lucky dip.  If you order on or before Thursday 3 May, you will have a one in three chance of getting a signed copy.  Results will be announced on Friday 4 May.