Our next newsletter has been delayed a little because of illness but you can view some of the new and forthcoming titles in Recent Additions.  Highlights include Adrian Tyler’s Dust to Dust, which we already have in stock.  It’s a limited edition of 500 and contains beautiful colour images of abandoned dwellings in the Western Isles and Orkney and of books found there in equally advanced states of decay.

We will soon have stock of Takuma Nakahira’s Circulation: Date, Place, Event compiled for the first time from images taken by the photographer in Paris in 1971.  We still have stock of the new edition of his hugely influential For a Language to Come.

Mitch Dobrowner has won this year's Sony World Photography Awards.  Unfortunately, his Prism Series Book No. 2, published by 21st Edituons with a limited edition print, comes in at an eye-watering £500.  You can see a video of Dobrowner photographing super-storms here.

We look forward to any new work by Hiroshi Watanable.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to sell his latest publication as it’s online only but we’ve done so well with Hiroshi’s work in the past that we wanted to pass on the info to his fans.  “A new iPad app publication, 99 Findings, is currently being produced by Hibiku, Inc, in Japan and will be available this summer. This new publication is built on the basis of "Findings" which was published by Photolucida in 2007. New images were added and there are 99 photographs in this publication. There are some interesting and cool features in this electronic publication such as an  interview video with Douglas Stockdale. This app will be sold on iTunes.  If you are interested in knowing more, please  email Hiroshi who will let you know when it is available”: [email protected]