Thought you might like a couple of previews of the autumn catalogues from two of the major photography publishers.  Highlights of Steidl’s catalogue include William Eggleston’s Los Alamos Revisited (p18), David Bailey’s East End (p 22), reprints of three Weegee classics (pp 23-31), and a retrospective of David Maisel’s early colour aerial landscape work (p 34).

Not all the Kehrer catalogue titles are available in English but we can get hold of any of their titles.  Highlights include new books by Andrew Phelps (p 15) and Steve McQueen (the British artist and filmmaker, not the other one) (p 51) and a retrospective of Harry Callahan (p 39).  Many of you may have seen examples of Michael Marten’s fascinating images of British coastal landscapes at high and low tides.  I’m really looking forward to Kehrer’s collection of this work (p 19).

We haven’t got any of these titles uploaded to our website as yet, I’m afraid, but we’re happy to accept advance notes of interest by email or phone.