Apologies for the lack of a newsletter this week.  This was for the simplest of reasons: I forgot to attach an attachment to an email!  It will now come out next Monday but, if you’d like a preview of the featured titles, click on the first page of our Recent Additions.  Highlights include new titles from Nazraeli by Hido, Langer, Steinmetz and Liao. 

Did any of you see a recent Oliver Burkeman column in The Guardian series ‘This Column Will Change Your Life’?  This one featured a lovely idea by the brilliant Finnish photographer Arno Minkkinen to do with originality in photography – and life.  I’ve tracked down Minkkinen’s original speech online and, if you don’t know it already, it’s highly recommended.  I won’t spoil the fun by telling you too much about it but the message is: “Stay on the f…ing bus.”