I’m hoping one or two of our regular customers might have been intrigued by the recent addition of a Wedding List category.  Now that the category has been populated (I believe that’s what it’s called), the mystery can be revealed.  A few weeks ago, I was approached by a couple who wished to create a wedding list with a difference, one which would enable them to build up a library of photographic books which they could then share with their friends.  You can have a peek at their list by clicking on the Wedding List category.  Naturally we hope this may inspire other customers to use us for similar purposes.  If you know of someone who is coming up to retirement or about to have a special birthday, or a couple having a major anniversary, why not consider following Rebecca and Peter’s example?  We are happy to offer any advice you require.  Any requests and suggestions gratefully received.

I shall be away for a few days over Easter in the (no doubt warm, dry and sunny) Lake District.  Emails will be answered and orders processed as usual.  I hope you all have a bit of a break – and a good one, Neil