Welcome to our new website.  It’s been a long time coming but I believe it will have been worth the wait.  I’m still learning about all its capabilities myself but there are so many ways in which it’s much more customer-friendly than before.

Information will be updated much more frequently and this will show in regular changes to the content of the homepage.  Browsing will be made easier by a link to the Next Page, rather than having to click on a list of numbers.  You will be able to save titles to a wishlist.  Ordering will be much simpler for everyone and, in particular, for overseas customers.  Standard rates for overseas orders will be applied to all but the heaviest items.  You will be able to post your own reviews.  Retrieving lost passwords will be as easy as it ought to be!

Awareness of the value of photobooks seems to be growing all the time, as is evidenced by the publication of two new titles, The Photobook and The Latin American Photobook.  Both demonstrate how the publication of photographic books has been central to the development of the medium and to the dissemination of photographic ideas.

The Photobook The Latin American Photobook

Regular customers will be aware of the popularity of Michael Kenna’s books.  Please note we have a limited number remaining of signed copies of Tranquil Morning and the second edition of The Philosopher’s Tree, both recently published by Gallery Kong in Seoul.

Tranquil Morning (Signed Copies) The Philosopher's Tree (Signed)