Carpoolers (Signed, 3rd Edition)

Alejandro Cartagena

Alejandro Cartagena Carpoolers (Signed, 3rd Edition)

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A third, completely revised edition of Cartagena's photobook classic.  We asked Alejandro to define the differences between this and earlier editions.  This is his reply: "It is all different. Different cover, different props, sequence, design. For me, it is a return to an origin of how the idea of the 1st edition book came to be, but instead of it being one part of the book it is the whole book. I wanted it to be like looking at landscapes so each double spread has a composition that includes 2 to 4 images, creating a new view with every spread. It´s very much about the journey of these men. what they feel while traveling in the back of the truck."

Offering a different take on ‘carpooling’ Alejandro Cartagena continues his pointed investigation of the multiple and complex issues relating to unhampered suburban expansion. These images show how carpooling is practiced by workers in México.

They are an acute observation of overgrowth issues in Mexico, where suburbs are being built in far away lands with no proper public transportation to the urban centers causing greater commutes and consumption of gas. Even though these workers are not conscious of the ecological impact they have by traveling this way as they are doing it to save time and money, they are a silent contributor to the preservation of our city and planet.

This project, like his earlier Suburbia Mexicana, comes from a deeply committed practice and desire to tell the story of the dramatic changes (environmental, demographic, economic) he is witnessing play out in his home city of Monterrey.

“What a pleasure to see how this selfpublished project, so cleverly combines the photos of the passing open plan trucks with their passengers laid out flat, but also the skies and scenes that can be viewed from the truck itself” - Martin Parr

“It’s useless to comment now on the impact that this series by Alejandro had and how effective his neutral approach to the subject was. In the book (brilliantly designed by him, by the way) he leaves some room to certain aspects that might have gotten lost in the transition from the camera to the wall, and that is why this book is great! The hypnotic repetitive beginning, respectful to the series as we’ve known it so far, slowly gets more and more interrupted by frames and pieces of frames that drive you into a new kind of hypnotic state but this time almost as if you were inside the car yourself looking at and experiencing the road not from above anymore” - Cristina de Middel

Edition of 490
Edited by Alejandro Cartagena and Fernando Gallegos
Text by Jessica McDonald
Editorial Design by Roberto Salazar
Printed in Madrid by Brizzolis
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More Information
Publisher Self-published
Signed Copy Yes
Date Published 2019
Dimensions 19 X 30cm
Edition 3rd
Binding Softcover
No. of Pages 112
Available for Pre-order? No