Ehime (Signed)

Gerry Johansson
Ehime is a book of photographs of rural Japan by Gerry Johansson dating from 1999. Ehime prefecture is on the island of Shikoku in the southwest of Japan. Johansson had visited Tokyo in the 70s and 80s but a residency gave him his first opportunity to photograph in the Japanese countryside. Johansson’s photographs explore the traditional symbolism, culture and design and respect for the natural world.
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Publisher's description

Gerry Johansson started his career as a freelance photographer since the mid-1980s, the center and country in Europe and the United States, taken in the region, has announced a quiet and a weight photo, A photographer representing Europe.

This work "Ehime" is literally a series of photographs of Ehime prefecture. Johansson visited Tokyo once in the 1970s and 1980s, and was very interested in the country of Japan and the city of Tokyo. He was invited to make a stay in 1999, and when he landed in Ehime prefecture, he was surprised at the gap with Tokyo, but he was drawn into the mixture of nature and modern life. Johansson has been driving around every corner of Ehime prefecture for a month during his stay and shooting with a large camera.
Until now, the works shot in Ehime Prefecture have been published in several books, but this is the first time that they have been published in one book. For this collection of works, I dug into the negatives again, repeated editing many times, and it became a book that I want to read again and again.

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More Information
Dimensions 22 x 27 cm
Binding Hardcover
Signed Copy Yes
Publisher T&M
Date Published 2020
ISBN 13 9784909442147
Edition 1st
No. of Pages 184