Memento Mori

Peter Mitchell
A long overdue Facsimilie reprint of a title that has been out of print for many years.
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Publisher's Description

Memento Mori, Peter Mitchell’s first publication, was published in 1990 and documents the dramatic impact of the Quarry Hill redevelopment project in Leeds.

“I photograph dying buildings and Quarry Hill was terminal by the time
I got to it. Times change and I know there was no point in keeping Quarry Hill Flats. But what it stood for might have been worth remembering.”

Peter Mitchell (1943) is a British photographer who has documented Leeds and its surrounding area for more than 40 years. His work is an essential part of the colour documentary scene of the 1970s and ‘80s.

Facsimile edition of the first edition of 1990 with a new afterword by Peter Mitchell.

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Publisher: RRB Publishing

Size: 230 x 210 mm

136 pages

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ISBN 13 9780993232336
Publisher RRB
Signed Copy No
Date Published 2016
Binding Softcover
Binding Additional Paper boards in dust wrapper
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