Photography, Art, and Media

Brooks Jensen
Essays on photography, artmaking, and personal expression in the digital age by Brooks Jensen
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Essays on Photography, Artmaking, and Personal Expression in the Digital Age by Brooks Jensen


  • Some Thoughts on the Presentation of Photographs
  • The Problem with Technique and Content
  • Evolution of the Artifact
  • When the Rules Change
  • Editing, Selection, and the Contact Sheet
  • Problems with a "Pile of Prints"
  • Lessons from Gutenberg
  • Image & Text
  • Rethinking the Photograph
  • What Size is the Edition
  • The Historical Ages of Photography
  • The Balance

And many more!

Publisher: Lenswork

200 pages

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More Information
ISBN 13 9781888803211
Publisher Lenswork
Signed Copy No
Date Published 2017
Dimensions 5.25 x 7.5"
Edition 1st
Binding Softcover
Binding Additional Softcover
No. of Pages 200
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