Silence and Image: Essays On Japanese Photographers

Mariko Takeuchi
The first book of essays by the major critic Mariko Takeuchi.
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Publisher's description

The first book of essays by the major critic Mariko Takeuchi. The text of Silence and Image discusses the works of 11 Japanese photographers including Ken Domon, Risaku Suzuki, and Lieko Shiga. All of the essays have been translated into English, and the beautiful illustrations serve as portals to the text. What does it mean to look at photographs? What does it mean to draw near to people in pain? These questions underlie all of the essays. The book also considers gender as it relates to art and photography.

  • The Other, Distance, and Image ― Ryudai Takano
  • The White of Photographs, the White of Risaku Suzuki
  • Ryuichiro Suzuki's Odyssey
  • Absence ― Maki Umaba
  • Toward a Life of Photography ― Lieko Shiga
  • Between Two Extremes― Bishin Jumonji
  • Visible and Invisible Scars: Ken Domon's Hiroshima and
  • Portraying the Suffering of Others
  • The Experience of Architecture ― Ryo Suzuki
  • Here, She Says― Lieko Shiga
  • Things the Darkness Reveals ― Osamu James Nakagawa
  • To Beyond the Darkness― Takashi Arai
  • Tryadhvan― Eriko Koga
  • Thoughts on Osamu Hiraki
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